Welcome to LOVEFEST H2O !


This site is for the sole purpose of helping the (Nyumba Ya Mfinyanzi Rescue Center) The Potters House Rescue Center and the Professor Don Kobe School.  The school and rescue center are in dire need of funds to build a much needed well and to gather supplies and necessities for everyday living and education. These boys were rescued and are in need of many things. One of them is clean water.

We take clean water for granted we turn on a faucet and, voila! We have hot and cold running water. Water to bathe, cook and clean our clothes in are kept separate. In rural Africa the water is usually quite a long walk from where they live and it’s also shared with domestic, wild animals and unseen parasites.

The rescue center and school are trying to save as many boys as they can. They are required to have their own well to service the school and rescue center. Won’t you please open your hearts to donate to this much worthy cause?





Calvary Chapel Worship Center is also raising money by renting out spaces for vendors for the “LoveFest H20” event on church grounds. If you’re a vendor please register for a spot to set up and sell your products. Spots are first come first served.

Be blessed in your giving.