Raising money for a well

Calvary Chapel Worship Center in New Port Richey Florida is raising money to complete the well in Kenya Africa for (NYUMBA YA MFINYANZI RESCUE CENTER ) THE POTTERS HOUSE RESCUE CENTER and PROFESSOR DON KOBE SCHOOL.

The school is for boys ages 4-16 and presently serves 54 children. These boys have been rescued and offered the opportunity of education, safety and the love of Christ.

We need to try and help each other to not only survive in this world but to also have the ability to thrive. After receiving help there is an opportunity  for learning agricultural skills and/or attend higher education if eligible. We are so blessed ourselves and we need to be able to reach outside of ourselves to help others.

The rescue center  house was built in 2007. It has no running water. The center and school are on the same property in a rural area and having a well is REQUIRED. The well is dug and capped but a generator, pump and piping is needed. The estimated cost is approximately $5,000. The well and generator will allow the children and local villagers the necessary clean water that’s so desperately needed.

Life in rural Africa can have very rough conditions. The children and staff need access to water, lights, food for students and teachers, school supplies and basic human necessities.

Please consider making a good donation toward this very worthy cause. Everyone should be entitled to feel safe, have clean water, food to eat and opportunities to succeed.

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